How To Claim

1. Purchase a Participating Product (by paying for your Participating Product in full) from a Participating Retail Store between 2 August and 5 September 2018.
2. Register your claim by clicking on REDEEM NOW input all requested details into the Online Claim Form, including your full name, contact telephone number, email address and place of residence and submit the completed Online Claim Form by 3 October 2018.
3. Provide a copy of the original tax invoice for the Purchase of your Participating Product either via uploading online or sending by mail so that it is received by 3 October 2018.
Provide the serial number and a photo of the serial number of your Participating Product within 7 days of receiving your Participating Product and by 3 January 2019.

Please note:

If you have paid in full for your Participating Product and it is on back order (that is, you haven’t received it yet) you MUST still register your claim by 3 October 2018.

If you haven’t paid in full you MUST still pay for your product in full by 5 September 2018 and register your claim by 3 October 2018.